Iguazu Falls


This is the sight that welcomes you as you enter the park from the Brazilian side.


SAM_0140Our little furry friend is called coati (they belong to raccoon family). There are hundreds of them here, they have no fear of humans almost bullying tourists for something to eat and they will snatch your bag in a split second if you don’t look after it. They may look sweet but they also have disgusting food habits, going through the bins in search of the leftovers.


If you’re adventurous you can explore the falls from the speed boat. No doubt, you’ll get wet!

SAM_0138 With over 80 metres high, mighty Garganta del Diablo in the background.


SAM_0146At the closest point of the lower part of the Devil’s Throat. Due to the sun movement and photo wise it’s better to visit Brazilian side of the falls in the morning and the Argentinian side in the afternoon. This way you’ll always have the sun behind you. You can also climb the viewing platform for the bird’s eye view.



That is sooo high! But unfortunately, the weather wasn’t kind to us the following day when we visited the Argentinian side of the falls.

It was raining all day long and it really didn’t matter where the sun was :-)


Hungry croc waiting patiently for the meal, read: the tourist, to fall into the water. SAM_0493

On the Argentinian side you can get really close to the Devil’s Throat. It takes a long walk on the decking platforms but for sure it is worth it. When we finally got there, the rain, the water spray and the mist made taking the photos impossible so the above is the last shot we took.


SAM_0576We were not brave enough to walk to the end of this decking. Even from the distance we could feel the water spray wetting our faces. Little monkeys were walking freely around this side of the park. Soaking wet they looked so poorly. They were more timid than raccoons and you couldn’t get close to them.


Almost movie like settings! And who said we’re not romantic :-)

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