Carnaval in Rio


SAM_4384We were rather disappointed when we got to the Sambodromo. Virtually empty concrete sectors, a handful of staff, something was missing… Maybe we should have bought those more expensive tickets for the Special Group parading the following day? Or maybe we just arrived a bit too early? The bleachers slowly filled with spectators and when the samba runway eventually came to life we were glad we were first to come as we were able to choose the best seats in our grandstand. And then the party begun!


Each samba school presents a number of beautifully decorated floats which come in all shapes and sizes.



Some of the dancers are only covered with a strip of body paint.



SAM_4431The official website advertises the event as an experience of a life-time and it’s hard not to agree with them. We’ve had a fantastic night! Even if you are on the budget like us and cannot afford to see the Special Group, buy the tickets for Access Group. Finally, important advice about accommodation: the prices really do triple or quadruple during that period! We didn’t take it seriously and ended up sleeping across the bay, in Niteroi, during the Carnaval. So better book it ahead! Months ahead!

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