Salar de Uyuni

Prison portions of poor quality food, promised wine that never materialised, inattentive tour driver, sleeping longer than agreed on the last day, taking us on a rushed and hurried final excursion. The same driver having the cheek to try to extort the money from us at the end of the trip and leaving us alone on the frontier when we refused to give him extra tip. We could keep on writing about our negative experiences with Huracan tour operator but does it really matter? Will we remember it after few months? I don’t think so! But I’m sure we’ll never forget surreal landscapes, whiter than snow salt plains, hundreds of flamingos and alpacas, sunset near the volcano, hot springs, geysers and the lagoons with unbelievably red, green and white waters.

The last photo shows Mateusz in the made in Bolivia public toilet at the international border crossing with Chile :-) At least we didn’t have to pay for using it.


2 thoughts on “Salar de Uyuni

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    Happy Christmas and we wish you all the best and that your dreams come true. Wesolych Swiat i bawcie sie dobrze w Nowym Roku aby przygod wam nie brakowalo i usmiechu dodawalo zyczy Artur i colusienka rodzinka

    • Wesolych Swiat oraz najlepszego w nowym roku queridos amigos! Aby Wam sie wyprawa na najwyzszy pagorek w Afryce udala i abyscie mieli sily sie tam doczlapac :-)

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