Beautifully preserved remnants of Jesuits settlements in the middle of nowhere. And it’s been exactly as written in the guidebook. Despite the fact that the site is a Unesco World Heritage Site there are little or no tourists visiting the place. We had it only to ourselves for most of the time.


There are two main sites: Trinidad and Jesus. To get there involves taking a local bus from Encarnacion, a bit of walking and a moto-taxi to travel between the settlements.


No treasures to be found this time despite Mateusz trying really hard to explore all the secret places. Somebody must have been here before him.


As it is Paraguay, sunny weather is almost guaranteed. In fact, it was scorching hot with almost no place to hide.


That is how city of Encarnacion looks like during the sandstorm. It started all of a sudden and lasted no more than 15 minutes.


We watched it mesmerized from the safety of our hotel. Few tin roofs were damaged and few tree branches sent flying but luckily nobody was hurt.


It ended as abruptly as it came. The immediate aftermath was a beautiful rainbow. Unfortunately, it was followed by the entire city power cut that continued long time after the sunset.

Itaipu Dam


The Itaipu Dam situated on the border of Brazil and Paraguay is the world’s second largest dam. It is also one of the most expensive objects ever built.


Itaipu Dam is located very near Iguazu Falls, north of the Brazilian town Foz do Iguaçu. You can get there easily by taking a local bus.


Surprisingly, the combo tickets are cheaper if bought at visitors’ centre rather than online. Luckily, refunds are offered for the angry tourists like us who decide to complain about the online rip-off :-)


We would suggest buying the panoramic tour during which you’ll be taken to both sides of the border. The tour is preceded by 30 minutes documentary about the history, facts and construction of Itaipu Dam.

We also recommend the night tour which ends with a spectacular illumination of the dam.


Proyecto Horizonte


As our South American adventure is almost over and soon we’ll be back in London, it’s time to meet the little ones we helped to look after during our volunteering at Proyecto Horizonte. Ania worked in kindergarten with 4 years old children for over three months.


And Artur worked with 8 years old kids from tercera secundaria which is equivalent of Year 3 of primary school. Both of us helped during afternoon classes. We’ve had the most wonderful time and we would love to be able to do it much longer!

Kindergarten seen from the main street and its playground.

Five minutes walk up the hill on the same street there is colegio building which houses primary and secondary school.