Wonderful News

Dear Friends! We would like to share great news with you! Yes, you guessed it right! We’ll be having a baby! We started our journey as a family of three and it will be four of us when we come back to London next year!

Please do keep your fingers crossed and pray for our baby! It looked very serious on Christmas Eve, which we spent in the hospital. Luckily, after few days of rest in El Calafate, today’s examination reassured us that our precious gift is safe and sound. Our little one has 12 weeks and one day and measures 56.1 mm. It will be born in Bolivia, a month before our return to England.

Radosna Nowina

Kochani! Chcielibysmy sie z Wami podzielic bardzo radosna nowina! Zaczelismy podrozowanie w trojke, a wrocimy w czworke! Tak! To prawda! Spodziewamy sie nowego dzieciatka w naszej rodzinie! Dziecie poczelo sie w Peru! W szczegoly nie bedziemy sie wdawac – przeciez wiecie jak to sie robi :-)

Trzymajcie kciuki i modlcie sie za nas aby nasze malenstwo zdrowo sie rozwijalo. Sprawa wygladala bardzo powaznie w Wigilie Bozego Narodzenia, ktora musielismy spedzic w szpitalu! Na szczescie po kilku dniach przymusowego odpoczynku w El Calafate, dzisiejsze badanie kontrolne potwierdzilo, ze wszystko z naszym malenstwem jest w porzadku! Dzidzius ma 12 tygodni i jeden dzien oraz mierzy 56.1  mm. Urodzi sie w Boliwii na miesiac przed naszym powrotem do Londynu.






Salar de Uyuni

Prison portions of poor quality food, promised wine that never materialised, inattentive tour driver, sleeping longer than agreed on the last day, taking us on a rushed and hurried final excursion. The same driver having the cheek to try to extort the money from us at the end of the trip and leaving us alone on the frontier when we refused to give him extra tip. We could keep on writing about our negative experiences with Huracan tour operator but does it really matter? Will we remember it after few months? I don’t think so! But I’m sure we’ll never forget surreal landscapes, whiter than snow salt plains, hundreds of flamingos and alpacas, sunset near the volcano, hot springs, geysers and the lagoons with unbelievably red, green and white waters.

The last photo shows Mateusz in the made in Bolivia public toilet at the international border crossing with Chile :-) At least we didn’t have to pay for using it.


Lago Titicaca

We had mixed feelings after visiting famous floating islands of indigenous Uros people. Undoubtedly, they are unique and peculiar sight, nowhere else to be seen. However, the prevalent commercial atmosphere made the whole experience so touristy that we felt guilty for not buying enough of handicrafts during the visit. The market like tactics employed to encourage us to spend more money included using frail elderly female members of the community who were constantly calling ‘buy from me’. The only available option to escape from the noisy vendors was to pay extra and go on an optional boat ride. Watching Uros women eating the soft edible parts of the reeds only for the tourists’ sake made us really uncomfortable. The entire stay felt like a visit in the funfair park. We felt sorry for the Uros people as tourism is their main source of income and it seems very unlikely that their situation will change in the near future.

Staying overnight on a tranquil Isla Taquile, located on the Peruvian side of Lago Titicaca, with Celso, Juana and Wilfredo has been a memory we’ll cherish forever. We are full of admiration for this family who like the rest of the inhabitants are living with no running water, no heating, no internet, limited electricity generated only by small solar panels and not a single car on the entire island. Despite these so called inconveniences, harsh climate that allows to cultivate only few types of grains, restricted vegetarian diet and limited source of income the people here seem to be one of the happiest we’ve met so far. Surprisingly, almost none of them chooses to move to the mainland Peru to live a different, more affluent lifestyle. We would encourage you to support this community and spend a night on the island. You’ll pay the money directly to the locals and enjoy unforgettable experience.