Soaking in Hot Baths

It was extremely easy to arrive in Baños and so difficult to leave. Despite the proximity of the active volcano Tungurahua, which erupted last time at the end of August, backpackers and tourists seem not to take any notice, enjoying warm climate, tranquil atmosphere, beautiful surrounding scenery and surprisingly affordable prices. We followed their example and did not regret it.

Our hotel had a panoramic view on lush, green mountains, one of them with a waterfall, which we could admire from our balcony. We spent here five relaxing, lazy days visiting numerous cascadas, soaking ourselves in thermal baths in the morning and at the night time. In one of the pools we met an Austrian who has been living here for over ten years. He described Baños as the best place to live in Ecuador and we couldn’t agree more with him. It was a shame that we had to leave Baños. We would definitely love to return here one day.